Wednesday, June 18, 2008

William Jones "The Devil Made Me Do It"

"I was born July 15th, 1955, in Memphis, Tennessee, the 10th child of 11. I grew up in Pittsburg, Chicago and East Saint Louis. I would like people to know that we in prison are part of America and what you do to us, you also do to yourself." - William Jones, Stateville Correctional Center

William Bracey "Before the Gods Made Her Crazy"

"When I went to prison and saw a guy doing an oil potrait, I was captivated. I'd just sit there and stare! I promised my mother that I was going to get a portrait of her painted, but this guy was so swamped with work that he kept putting me off until finally I said 'I'm gonna learn how to do this myself'" - William Bracey

Tom Odle "Falling Apart"

"I hope to prove to people and to myself that my life means something and is not as useless as the judge who sentenced me believed. I am trying to be the best person I can be, so if my family were to see me now, maybe I am someone they can be proud of. I hope I am far from the troubled child and drug user that I was 20 years ago. I hope they have forgiven me." - Thomas Odle, Lawrence Correctional Center

Roger Colllins "For Ethel"

"Unlike most artists, my work has gone from abstract to realistic rather than the reverse. I try to learn all phases of everything I see, to develop as broad a knowledge as possible." - Roger Collins, Menard Correctional Center

Robert Turner "Summer Cottage"

Robert is from the area around Carlinville in southern Illinois. He is self-taught and started to paint in prison in 1986.

Richard Nitz "Vision from Prison"

"I paint myself into my paintings as a way of escaping, if only in fantasy, the despair of the prison environment." - Richard Nitz, Menard Correctional Center

Renaldo Hudson "Underground Railroad"

"Painting allows me to come out of my cell, to rise above my surrondings. It frees me to lay paint any way I want and to express the tears of lost years" - Renaldo Hudson, Lawrence Correctional Center

Owen "Motherless Child"

Michael Sullivan "Sunshine"

"In art there are no shortcuts. In art discipline is the key." - Michael Sullivan, Stateville Correctional Center

Koppel "Egg Roll"

Kilsey Shearill "Self Potrait"

"If there were art supplies for the inmates at Tamms, then they could focus thier time in being constructive, creative and positive. This would serve as a release of stress and a way of expression." Kilsey Shearrill, Tamms Correctional Center

Jerry Ward "One-way Ticket"

James Munson "Maramike"

"I am afraid of being ostracized and shunned. But no one should have to suffer in silence with such a burden of pain as I once did." - James Munson, Menard Correctional Center

Harry Gosier "Autumn Mist"

"What does a man or woman profit if they gain the world but lose their souls? The answer is nothing." - Harry Gosier, Menard Correctional Center

George Goodman "Standing Stone"

"When I'm painting, my mind and spirit are in the piece I'm working on and free from the confines and adversities of life in prison." - George Goodman, Stateville Correctional Center

David Harris "Do You Miss Me?"

"I believe that if I can create beauty and give sight to unseen emotions, then it is possible to overcome injustices and regain a life." - David Harris, Menard Correctional Center

Darryl Simms "Sahara Sunset"

"Considering my current circumstances and living conditions, my paintings possess and transcends a certain passion through my subjects." - Darryl Simms, Hill Correctional Center

Charles McLaurin "Magnolias"

"Some of my paintings are based on personal memoirs, events and experiences, and reflecdt what I have learned about the Old World and different eras." - Charles McLaurin, Stateville Correctional Center

Charles McLaurin "Gathering Clouds"

"I have discovered that legend, mysticism, mythology, psychology, philosophy, religion and symbolism all find their way into my art." Charles McLaurin, Stateville Correctional Center

Anthony Guest "At the Marketplace"

"For me, painting is enjoyable, relaxing and helps pass the time away. I enjoy starting with nothing and creating something on my own." - Anthony Guest, Stateville Correctional Center