Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charles McLaurin "Gathering Clouds"

"I have discovered that legend, mysticism, mythology, psychology, philosophy, religion and symbolism all find their way into my art." Charles McLaurin, Stateville Correctional Center

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suziedarren9805 said...

Charles should not be allowed to display these. I have known this man for 20 years so I know what I am talking about I did not just fall into this page. I knew him at 21 years of age and even then he was evil.If this man was not locked up he would not be doing anything productive.Jabbering about his NEW found god,or displaying paintings. He would be finding ways to manipulate people and anyhing else he could put his little mind into and keep hurting undeserving innocent people. The only thing I think his paintings do is hurt.... Just one more way of allowing people to access his twisted mind.As I've stated i KNOW this man. How can this be allowed. God in Heaven he killed a CHILD. NOW he wants the right to express hmself when that childs rights and the light in his parents and families lives are forever extiguished. I will never profess to be the judge and jury for anyone. My heart however does go out to Jarrell's mother. And to Mr.Mclaurin, you can never replace what is lost, God only forgives the sin of the souls who truly repent. I do not believe you are one of them and I am sorry for you because that is a lost of not only human life but air. Carma exists and you will forever be looking around every dark corner for it to attack.